Hi, I am Raina Brewer.

I'll start with my uncontrollable addiction to coffee. No, seriously, I wouldn't ever get anything done without it. I have a deep love for old things and tradition. I cherish my dog Bongo as I would my own child. And I'm probably the most nostalgic person you'll ever meet. I believe that's why I love taking photos- you see to me, a photograph gives me something tangible to hold onto, connected to moments that I never want to forget.

I first became interested in photography while on a family vacation to California where we spent two-weeks hitting every beach from LA to San Diego. I photographed the whole trip and realized I had a real eye for "diamond in the rough" moments. Now, a decade later, I get to call myself a photographer. A photographer of love, a photographer of laughter. A keeper of "moments."

I'm currently based out of Minnesota. However, I love to travel and my biggest goal in life is to see as much of this world as possible! I've made my way around the United States, as well as the Middle East, and even spent a whole month in Egypt. And still, there are infinite places I want to explore! That being said, destination photoshoots are always up for discussion.

I look forward to capturing the moments that speak to YOU.

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“I’ve been shooting with Raina for nearly a decade, and she delivers every single time. She is all the things you would want from a photographer: comforting, patient, fun, and creative. If you give her an idea, she turns it up 10 notches. I highly recommend her, though I believe her photos speak for themselves.”