I should've played hooky.

I have a major announcement– equal parts exciting and terrifying– I quit my 9-5 management position and have gone Miss full-time Photographer!

Funny enough, I actually quit my job all the way back in July, but I’ve held off from posting about it for awhile. I guess, in full transparency, I held off out of fear.. fear of failure, fear of judgement in the event of failure… I thought: “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now, Raina.”

I’ve never known where that voice comes from...

First day of my 9-5.

Last day of my 9-5.

First day of no longer being a corporate girlie.

Honestly, I didn’t feel ready to take this leap. Historically, I’ve been the type of person to stay at a job that doesn’t serve me for years on end, just because it feels wrong to walk out on something I once, in a past season of my life, had committed to. Housing that ideal has lead to so much unfulfillment over the years. I’ve had to decline so many great opportunities due to this incessant need to “do the right thing.” But the right thing for whom? Because it was definitely not right by me.

You know what it took? Well, it took a lot, but the last straw was having to say no to the most amazing couple whose wedding photographer had to cancel on them with no more than a week’s notice. They were willing to pay generously if I could fill-in last minute. The wedding was a DREAM. But I was scheduled to work that day, the only manager on-shift able to. And so, I regretfully declined their offer and spent the whole shift staring at the wall. Instead of counting sheep, I had been dozing off counting all the missed opportunities that had piled up over the months.

“I should’ve played hooky,” I thought.

People have told me that it speaks well on my character to not have called in. People have told me, “you’re a better person than I am, I wouldn’t have shown up.” But I disagree. I think they are better than me in so many ways, because put in my position, they would have shown up for themselves. And I think, for some, that is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

So that night, I wrote up my letter of resignation and emailed it to my boss. In the month or so since, I couldn’t be any happier. I have found more success than I could’ve imagined.

I wasn’t ready to take the leap, but when are we ever? I’m still afraid of failure, but who isn’t? All that matters is that I did it.

I did it.

I did it.

I did it.

So… what does that mean for me?

  • Increased availability for my clients
  • Way more yes’s, far fewer no’s.
  • Quicker response time for inquiries
  • More time to brew up creative concepts, draft mood boards; collaborative works
  • Finally able to work towards my goal of primarily becoming a DESTINATION photographer
  • More personal time for health, self-care, my baby pup Bongo, my relationship, friends, & family– which ultimately makes me a BETTER photographer and business owner
  • The flexibility in my schedule needed to be successful in school (yes, I’m also a student) and my business
  • and sooo much more!

I cannot wait for what’s to come & I thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me. And if you’ve read this far, I love you x2

xx, raina